Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A Word From The Management.

To our dearly departed guests and to those of you among the living,

It has been brought to our attention that the hotel’s door man, Carlton, has been absent these past nine months. As a result his shared duties of programming the lobby radio playlist and updating weekly announcements’ have suffered.

We are dreadfully sorry about this. Let it be known that Delbert Grady from our sister resort in Colorado has paid Carlton a visit and the situation has been “corrected.”

Delbert has asked me to apologize to the hotel staff for not staying with us longer but he had to rush back to the Overlook to advise a Mr. Torrance on “correcting” his family.

As part of Carlton’s “correction” he will be resuming his required duties post haste and he has been instructed to train for the hotel’s annual 10 mile run in September of 2013.

Carlton is also “expected” to produce a Halloween episode for the Hollywood Tower Radio Podcast.

Post script: As our newsletter went to press Mr. Grady called with an update regarding Mr. Torrance. Apparently he passed away and will soon be joining us here on staff as our new caretaker.

Again we offer our apologies and we look forward to serving you here and in the hereafter.

*Update it has been brought to our attention that the commentary of Mr. Grady expressed in the video capture below contains a derogatory racial slur. We at the Hollywood Tower Hotel wish to express that this does not reflect the views of management. We do however believe in free speech and not presenting things out of context, such as many of the politician we know are found to do.
However, that being said,  we are appalled that such language was uttered on the floor of one of our fine establishments. Mr. Grady shall be "corrected"


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